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Dark comedy meets clowning in Ramshacklicious' dystopian take on situation comedy, Set in a make-shift-burger-van-come-family-home, enter the world of Grime where violence and control prevail.

Grime tells the story of an ordinary dysfunctional family trying to live outside the constraints of normal society. Circumstances beyond their control have forced them to leave behind their cosy trappings, uproot and start a new life; a life on the move, a life on the edge. Intent on survival, they will do whatever it takes to survive.

Featuring original live music, an epic morphing set, meat puppetry, pyrotechnics and the now legendary "sausage dance".

Performers/Devisers Jack Stoddart, Garth Williams, Megan Brooks, Holly Cassidy and Jean Goubert
Director Flick Ferdinando
Musical Director Jean Goubert
Set design Will Datson
Assistant set maker Georgie Shire
Costume Design Tomasin Cuthbert
Lighting design Anna Barrett
Puppet Design Pickled Image & Emma Powell
Sound design/touring technician Pete Storer
Pyro design Pete Mountain
Workshop facilitator/Writer in Residence Holly Stoppit
Producer Kate Hazel (Alchemy Productions)
Project Management Jack Stoddart

Photos © Garth Williams/Nick Warbuton